9 June, 2017

Research Results from Western Sydney University Pilot Study

There has been a great deal of research conducted on the impact of the Award in terms of the qualities young people learn through participation in the program. The vast majority of research to date is based on qualitative (or anecdotal) evidence. In 2015, a research team from Western Sydney University volunteered their time and know-how to develop and pilot research to provide an approach with quantifiable results. The aim was to provide statistical data to demonstrate which ‘learnings’ can be directly attributed to participation in the Award program.

The results of the pilot study show that improvements to a Participant’s self-confidence, ability to cope with change (resilience), leadership, overall effectiveness and active involvement could be directly attributed to participation in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and could also be measured. It also found that the Award impacted the learning of the qualities of time efficiency, self-efficacy, social effectiveness, co-operative teamwork, stress management, and, external locus of control can also be attributed to the current set up of the Award, but in a less compelling manner.

View the full report here

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