What is an Assessor?

An Assessor is someone with knowledge of a particular subject or activity that a participant will do for their Award. They assess the participant's involvement in, and improvement in, the chosen activity throughout the time that they are doing the Award. The assessor works closely with the participant, signing off the participant's Record Book and hours and writing a short report once the participant has met the required time. The assessor cannot be a family member. 

What is the role of an Assessor?

The Assessor should have knowledge of the activity being undertaken and be available to, and regularly meet with, the participant in order to mentor and assess the participant's personal development and commitment to the activity. The criteria for gaining an Award is individual improvement based on each participant's starting point and potential. There is no competition between participants and no set standards as to what they should achieve.

Assessors are looking for evidence that :

  1. The participant has shown adequate evidence of voluntary effort during their leisure time. They should be undertaking the activity for an average of at least one hour per week and this should be verified in your report. No more than 4 hours in any 28 day time period can be counted towards the Award.
  2. The activity has been done regularly for the time period required.The length of time that a participant must do the chosen activity depends on which level of the Award they are doing - see Bronze, Silver and Gold for more information.
  3. The participant has made a genuine effort, individual progress and achieved to the best of their ability.

What should be included in an Assessors Report?

  1. A comment on anything that they did particularly well.
  2. A comment on their effort, regularity that they participated in the chosen activity and any improvement that they have made.
  3. The start and end date that the participant did the chosen activity for.
  4. For the Residential Project a comment should also be made regarding how many people the participant knew prior to their participation in this Section.
  5. Please sign the Record Book and state any relevant qualifications you have.
  6. Please enter the date that the final assessment with the participant is done (i.e. the date that you sign the Record Book should be the date that the participant completed their chosen activity for that Section of the Award).

If you are not satisfied that the participant has met the required criteria (length of time, regularity of commitment, activity done in their free time etc. ) then please do not sign the Record Book. You can contact us to discuss your concerns, or the participant's Award Leader.

Please note that:

  • The Service and Adventurous Journey sections require training/briefing to be undertaken before the activity is started and the training/briefing is noted in the Record Book, signed and dated.
  • Participants are free to select as broad or as restricted an aspect of the chosen interest as they wish. It is not a rigid syllabus, except where safety is concerned.
  • Any activity done prior to the participant registering for the Award cannot be counted. The start date of the Award should be written in the participant's Record Book.
  • Involvement in the Adventurous Journey Section will require you to communicate with the participant's Award Leader to ensure that you are aware of all of the requirements of this Section. Because of the nature of Adventurous Journey expeditions, there are slightly different rules in place for Expedition Assessors.
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