Online Award Leader Training

Who needs to do it?

The Online Training (and police vetting) must be completed by anyone wanting to run the Award, regardless of whether you are in an organisation that currently has a licence to offer the Award or not. Completing the training (and police vetting) are a compulsory part of an Award Unit (a school or other organisation) getting an Award Unit licence from us.

The training is free to complete and you must achieve an 80% pass rate in each  test. Please contact us at the National Office to get a username and password. The training consists of PowerPoint presentations with quizzes at the end (for which you will need a username and password).

Please be aware: if you are using a Mac rather than a PC you need to have Microsoft 'PowerPoint' installed or a programme called Keynote. If this is not an option, we can arrange for this training to be completed using a paper based system.


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