Award Leaders

What is an Award Leader?

An Award Leader is someone who runs The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in a school, Scouts, Guides or Cadets group or in another community organisation. Award Leaders mentor and assist young people to complete their Award.

What is the role of an Award Leader?

The role of the Award Leader includes:

  • Registering participants in the Award.
  • Mentoring and supporting participants to complete their Award (which can include assisting them to select activities for the different Sections of the Award and finding appropriate assessors).
  • Assessing, and signing off on, completed Bronze and Silver Books.
  • Ensuring that the Award programme meets the current requirements and standards.

How do you become an Award Leader?

Please contact us and we will set you up for a short Online Training Course. We will also send you Police Vetting Forms. If the organisation/school that you are involved with are not currently running the Award, we can also send you the necessary forms to register your organisation as an Award Unit (an organisation/school with a licence to offer The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award).

What are the benefits of being an Award Leader?

  • Supporting young people to learn new skills and develop existing skills.
  • Assisting young people to gain a great appreciation or their local community and environment..
  • Assisting young people to grow in self-confidence and to achieve an internationally recognised Award that will assist them with future study and work opportunities.

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