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One little known and perhaps rarely considered aspect is how The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award is financed, where the money comes from and goes to, to enable it to function.

A young person entering the Award pays only the cost of Registration at each level (Registration includes a Record Book Pack or access to the Online Record Book, certificate/s and badges on completion of a level and an invitation to a Ceremony on completion of the Gold Award) and no further fee is payable. The activities a young person chooses to participate in may incur further expenses e.g. Adventurous Journeys.

There is a considerable amount of administration required to operate the Award and whilst the operating authorities are all voluntary workers it is vital that they are backed by a readily accessible administrative office and staff at national level. This we have and operate on a very modest basis. The financial support comes from a number of different sources.

You can be a part of helping us to improve the lives of young Kiwis

We gratefully accept Online Donations and welcome any interest in becoming support partners. We also have a Charter for Business Members programme. Please get in touch if you would be interested in learning more about supporting the Award.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award would also like to thank the following


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