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From 1 January 2018, we are changing the minimum age requirements required to start the Bronze Award level. Previously, a participant needed to be 14 before they could register for Bronze, 15 for Silver and 16 for Gold. From next year, participants will be allowed to start their Bronze Awards in the school year they turn 14 – so that they can complete their Award with their peer groups. Once they have completed Bronze, they can progress to their Silver Award (without needing to turn 15 first). They will, however, still need to wait until their 16th birthday before they can start working on their Gold Awards. 

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The next regional hub meetings will be held in Wellington on Wednesday 8th November at the Pelorous Trust Sports House (93 Hutt Park Road, Seaview) and in Auckland on 9th November at St. Dominic's College Staffroom (Pinedale Place, Henerson). Check out our Facebook page for more information or contact your local Hub coordinator.

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Not all learning happens in the classroom. The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award needs more Award Leaders to equip young people for life.

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